Tamura Shihan and FSA

Sensei  Nobuyoshi Tamura (8. Dan Aikikai So Hombu) was born on 2. March 1933 in Osaka. Already at an early age did he start practising martial arts. In 1953 he joined Hombu Dojo as an Uchideshi. It didn’t take long for him to become one of Morihei Ueshiba’s favourite Ukes. Within O Sensei’s group of close students, Tamura Sensei played a crucial role making Aikido popular outside Japan.

Tamura Sensei lived for many years in France. Since 1964 he dedicated his live to the promotion of Aikido in France and Europe. As one of the last direct students of O’Sensei he was highly valued around the globe. As Hombu Dojo’s official delegate for Europe Tamura sensei thought seminars while well into his 70ties.

Tamura Sensei passed away in his home on 9. July 2010.


The Aikikai Zuerich is a member of the Federation Suisse d’Aikido (FSA). The association was founded in 1991 and follows Tamura Sensai’s style and principles. The FAS organizes 9-10 stages with national and internationa teachers each years and offers Dan examinations biyearly.

The FSA is recognizes by the “AIKIKAI FOUNDATION Aikido World Headquarter“, thus its Dan graduations are recognized by the Hombu Dojo.

Members of the Aikikai Zuerich are automatically members of the FSA and thus have access to all FSA events at special rates.