Rolf Zuberbühler


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Member of the technical commission of the AIKI-KAI ZÜRICH

Since his 16th birthday Aikido has been an important part of Rolf’s life.  He started Aikido at the Judo school Nippon in Zürich back in 1964 and obtained there his first black belt degree in 1968.  Since then Rolf has followed many, many seminars and met different Japanese Aikido masters. Most important for him, however, was the encounter with Tamura Sensei who substantially influenced Aikido in Europe. Rolf had the chance to follow many seminars with Tamura Sensei and obtained from him his subsequent black belt degrees in 1977, 1993, 2003 and 2010.

Rolf is a member of the Aiki-Kai Zürich since 1972 and for more than 20 years its president. Besides this Rolf is a member of the Technical Committee of the Swiss Aikido Federation, the FSA.